For one day, IT security specialists come to present their last findings. It's a day dedicated to sharing knowledge and expertise among attendees from universities, private companies or just fellow curious guys.

Organizers want this event friendly and epicurean so they invite every participants to speak around a lunch

Furthermore, organizers prepare a special welcome to the speakers (transport, hotel reservation, dedicated night party...) and do their best to make them enjoy the trip.

Call For Paper:
We invite every people that want to present their materials to send us their stuff at [email protected]


"Capture the Flag" is a kind of competition where people can practice offensive IT security. The "Flags" are passwords participants can obtain after having successfully exploited vulnerabilities in applications specifically developed for the challenge, they simulate confidential information. The Flags cost points, and the team that earns the most of point win the competition.

At Sthack, teams are made up of 5 members max which fight for 12 hours. The points are calculated taking account of the teams that hack the challenge (Chall01 = 50*(NbTeams-NbTeamsThatSolvedChall01)). You can expect web applications, network forensic, reverse engineering, steganography and software exploitation.